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Social Media Campaign

Paula, the CEO & President of E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation came to Catchafire as she prepared for an exciting end of the year event. The Foundation’s Global Town Hall was featuring a star guest - E.O. Wilson himself - and Paula needed help attracting an audience in advance of the event.

The Challenge

Prior to the event, E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation hoped to engage a young audience and drive a broad-based attendance of supporters who care about their planet. However, the Foundation’s social media presence was nascent and they lacked a strategic plan to engage this targeted audience.


  • Quickly attract a young audience to attend the event.
  • Build a long term community of supporters compelled by the the Foundation’s mission.
  • Develop a social media campaign that reaches and influences this target audience.

the match

  • E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation posts a Social Media Campaign Project.
  • Ryan & Chris, two friends looking to put their skills and creative minds to good use, apply for the project.
  • Paula, Chris & Ryan accept the match.

“As an anthropology major in college I understand the importance of biodiversity- and the lack of knowledge and understanding that many people have. I think bringing this knowledge to all people is vitally important, and focusing on high school students- and sparking their interest in biodiversity- is the right place to start!”
- Ryan

“My father was an 8th grade earth science teacher who introduced me to the incredible complexity, beauty, and fragility of our natural world. I thought this was a great opportunity to involve the next generation of kids in the practice of respecting and conserving nature. Social media’s power to contribute is special in this regard. Online communications tools like FB and Twitter allow organizations to communicate their culture to a wider, and younger audience.”
- Chris

The solution

  • Ryan and Chris agree on the primary goal of the campaign: Promote the Global Town Hall Event and fill those virtual seats.
  • Next, they drill down down smaller goals to sustain efforts beyond the campaign: establish common language and voice for the Foundation’s Facebook page and form partnerships with fans and content promoters of E.O. Wilson’s work.
  • The duo drafts a social media framework for the Foundation.
  • Ryan and Chris implement the campaign strategy and communicate regularly with the Foundation and the team of pro bono professionals helping to promote the Global Town Hall.
  • The project becomes a team effort.

The Result

The Global Town Hall’s live stream received over 1,000 viewers at the event’s highest traffic’d point. The Foundation’s Facebook page grew from approximately 250 followers to over 1,200 over the course of three months. To date, the page has over 2,000 fans! The pro bono team also increased the Foundation’s Twitter presence from 11 followers to over 300.

The impact

By developing an engaging social media presence, Chris and Ryan helped the Foundation host an event with a thousand viewers. In the process, the team at E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation learned how to interact with a young audience, setting them up well for the future.

“The project established the Foundation’s social media presence and set the stage for future growth in the space. Chris entered as a believer and exited as a convert. His passion for our cause continues to support our mission and enhance our outreach.”
— Paula

“Through the application of familiar skills, I learned a lot about an unfamiliar person and community. The structure of the campaign was exciting, since grand lessons and ideas, often presented in dry language, had to be distilled into fun and accessible messages. The experience was so rewarding, I have continued to help the Foundation when I have time to do so.”
— Chris

“Personally the project taught me a lot about how to effectively execute a pro bono project. It was exciting and fulfilling to see something I created actually used and have an impact.”
— Ryan

Chris & Ryan’s 30-hour project resulted in $3K saved for E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation.

The Organization
The E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation promotes worldwide understanding of the importance of biodiversity and the preservation of our biological heritage. They aim to foster a new generation of enthusiastic explorers, environmental policy makers, and informed citizens through innovative research and education initiatives.
The Volunteer
Chris has worked for international and local nonprofits since 2006. His skill sets fall in the communications, network building and design categories. Currently he serves as the Chief Community Cultivator for Prime Produce a co-working space for the social good community. He applied to this project because he gets excited about organizations using creative, evaluation-based programming to address social problems.
The Volunteer
Ryan is a non profit starter, supporter and enthusiast. She has seen first hand the immense impact that pro bono can have for organizations in all stages of development. Today, she is an Account Executive at Seamless.