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Pitch Deck Creation

While preparing her pitch to the CEOs of major biotech and pharmaceutical companies, KiiLN's co-founder, Nicole, realized she’d need assistance in order to secure sponsorship. She approached Catchafire in hopes finding an expert to help her perfect her pitch deck.

The Challenge

“We’re at a very critical point right now where we are going to potential sponsors and pitching them about what we’re bringing to the New York biotech scene. Creating a succinct pitch deck was very important for major meetings we’ve had in the last month, especially with major pharmaceutical companies.” ~ Nicole


  • Review and update existing pitch deck
  • Develop a template for future pitch deck creation, along with best practices and tactics for structuring an effective pitch

The match

  • Nicole posts a Pitch Deck Creation Project
  • Larry, an expert in life sciences and fundraising, applies to the project
  • After a two-way interview call, both parties accept the match

“This project seemed to be a really good fit for what they’re trying to do and the experience that I have. Plus I like working with really bright people and I have a soft spot for women entrepreneurs, so I really wanted to share my contacts and my experience with the team at KiiLN.” ~ Larry

The solution

  • Nicole delivers the existing pitch deck and all available background information to Larry
  • Nicole and Larry discuss the goals of the presentation, who they were talking to and desired outcomes of the pitch
  • Larry reviews the existing deck and makes suggestions to focus the presentation in a more compelling way
  • Larry researches the pharmaceutical companies KiiLN is pitching and adapts the pitch deck, adding 10 new slides to provide context
  • Together they discuss all of the updates and reframe the presentation to communicate KiiLN’s value more effectively
  • Larry volunteers to sit in during the pitch to a local top-ten pharmaceutical company to provide his support and feedback

“At this point we knew that we wanted Larry to become part of our network and a member of our community. I think in the future he will be helping the startups in KiiLN that will be our tenants.” ~ Nicole

The Result

KiiLN received a fresh business savvy pitch deck that appeals directly to their target audience. They used this deck to successfully pitch six major pharmaceutical companies and to apply to a National Small Business Association Grant.

“Having a more succinct one pitch deck, directed towards these pharmaceutical companies, our potential sponsors, was critical. We think our first major donations and our first major memberships are going to come from hopefully one of these pharmaceutical companies that we worked on these pitches for. It hasn’t come to fruition yet but I hope this is going to really be the start of the success of our fundraising campaign!” ~ Nicole

The impact

As they wait for the funding to come in, KiiLN is well setup to pitch their organization and can rely on the connection with Larry’s contacts and a lifetime advisor and board member.

“Overall, we’ve added another member to our team and hopefully he’ll be involved in our advisory board and going forward I think he’ll be a valuable resource for us. He is very willing to give his time for the future benefit of acquiring new clients but in a way he is being and he will be generous with his time as a consultant. He seemed genuinely excited to be a part of what we’re doing. He’s offered us lots of contacts, he has a very big address book with a lot of people that can help us and help our clients. And he’s been very open about wanting to help build our community and put people together.” ~ Nicole

“It’s always rewarding to go into a project where there’s one initial set of thinking and then by working together, we expand that into how to achieve what a client wants to accomplish. I really enjoyed working with them and I told them, they can call me anytime with any questions. They also asked if I would consider being on their board to which I said sure.” ~ Larry

Larry’s 30 hour pitch deck creation project resulted in $6,000 saved for KiiLN.

The Organization
KiiLN’s mission is to provide an affordable biotech laboratory incubator to support early stage start-ups and promote their success, in turn contributing to the growth of entrepreneurial life science innovation in NYC. KiiLN will allow these innovators to remain close to their academic research labs while developing their companies into successful revenue-generating, job-creating local businesses whose products will find cures for diseases and improve human health.
The Volunteer
Larry is a Healthcare Investment Banker with over 16 years of Healthcare/Life Science advisory experience. He has provided guidance to senior executive and management at companies like Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Bayer Pharma, Merck, and Bristol Meyers Squibb (BMS) among others in strategic planning and product acquisition and divestiture. His industry sub-sector expertise includes; Biotech/ Pharma, Medical Devices, Diagnostics and Tools, Healthcare Services & Healthcare IT. Within the “Healthcare Landscape”, Mr. Chaityn has deep strategic industry expertise in the following areas: Global Regulatory Approval, Reimbursement, Licensing, Mergers & Acquisitions both buy and sell side assignments, Big Pharma Business Development, and Portfolio Company Acceleration.