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Website Construction (CMS-Based)

Having doubled its programs two years in a row, Gardens for Health International was undergoing a period of massive growth. In hopes of extending the organization’s visibility and growing a US community, Eve (the US Operations Manager) approached Catchafire with the goal of giving the website a fresh new look.

The Challenge

The Gardens for Health International team is looking to create a more modern website that establishes credibility and makes taking action easy, but no one on the team has web design skills.


  • Create a Wordpress hosted website that will:
  • Drive donations directly
  • Educate and engage people with Garden for Health International’s mission and work
  • Demonstrate impact visually
  • Receive training to ensure the team can update content and manage the site post launch

The match

  • Eve posts a Wordpress Website Construction project.
  • Nicole, an MBA student and freelance web designer with years of experience in nonprofit communications, applies to the project.
  • After a two-way interview call, both sides accept the match.

The solution

  • Eve and Nicole meet to discuss project goals and align expectations
  • Eve shares all necessary materials including content and design examples that the team prefers
  • Nicole uses the materials provided to begin construction keeping in mind the international audience will need to access a mobile friendly site
  • Nicole shares her initial designs and receives feedback from Eve and the team
  • Nicole and Eve go back and forth until the website is at a place where they are ready to launch
  • Nicole launches the site prior to an award ceremony that will generate web traffic for Gardens For Health International
  • Nicole instructs Eve on how to update content in the future

The Result

Gardens for Health International received an updated site that is mobile friendly and easy to access with an unstable internet connection. The new website clearly demonstrates the organization's impact through infographics and visuals, while offering multiple opportunities for visitors to interact with the organization. Eve also learned how to regularly update the website to reflect the organization’s growth.

“I hope that the website will help them get taken more seriously by donors. I have a fundraising background so I know that visually appealing websites make a really big difference when you are deciding where to donate money. People want an organization that looks responsible and has a nice presence out there. I hope that this website will be more attractive to prospective donors and that it will help elevate Gardens for Health’s brand.”
- Nicole

“It was really great working with Nicole! She was fun and had a lot of experience developing websites. She wanted to do her best for us and she totally did. She went above and beyond with things that I don’t even think she knew she could do. I loved meeting her and having her walk me through things.”
- Eve

The impact on Gardens for health international

Gardens for Health International’s fresh website is easy to navigate, intuitive to interact with and represents the organization’s impact in a compelling way. This website will serve as Gardens for Health International’s destination for prospective donors, volunteers and advocates to support its work.

“We’ve received positive feedback from board members and stakeholders that are excited we have a new image online. We started using Google Analytics so we’re able to see how many people who are coming to our site and its a lot more than I thought. People are staying on pages longer and engaging with them more. We are even getting inquiries through our new contact form and know that people are learning about us and reaching out on our site!”
- Eve

The impact on Nicole

“It was a really great experience. I went into the project not knowing what to expect besides I can say that I did this and it will make me look good. I learned a lot skills wise. I learned so much more about custom coding and troubleshooting. At work I’m not able to work on projects with such flexibility because I work for a really big organization so we don’t get to experiment. Personally, I love being affiliated with Gardens for Health. They do amazing work and make a really big impact. It's really cool knowing that I helped in some little way and that I helped an organization that needs it. I only wish I could've done more. I definitely want to do another project!”
- Nicole

Nicole's 35 hour website construction project saved Gardens For Health International $7,000!

The Organization
Gardens for Health International works to provide lasting agricultural solutions to chronic childhood malnutrition by partnering with health centers in Rwanda to provide agricultural support and health education to families struggling with malnutrition; working with the Rwandan Ministries of Health and Agriculture and multi-national partners to integrate agriculture into the treatment of malnutrition; and providing technical assistance to partners interested in adapting our methodology.
The Volunteer
Nicole is a dedicated communications professional who has worked in non-profit communications for five years. She is a skilled in web design, HTML, CSS, and other digital and print communications. She is currently an MBA student studying organizational leadership.