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Salesforce Database Customization

The Community Alliance with Family Farmers’ Development & Communications Manager, Megan, approached Catchafire in need of a more customized and efficient Salesforce database. Membership is essential to CAFF and tracking members and donors enables them to better manage donations and contact member base on a regular basis.

The Challenge

CAFF needed direction customizing Salesforce report templates, objects, filters, and any other methods of tracking membership and donor data.


  • Migrate data into Salesforce from File Maker
  • Create custom fields, filters and reports to manage and track member and donor data

The match

“CAFF caught our attention because of their focus on food supply. We often take farmers and their contribution to society for granted, so organizations like CAFF are very important to us as a nation. Our team members tend to gravitate towards choosing fresh, local foods at the center of a healthy diet, so CAFF’s cause felt like a good match for us. We also knew that based on CAFF’s needs, we had a great opportunity to really help them improve how they keep track of their Members, Grant Applications, and Donations.”
- Smith Mackie

The solution

  • Smith Mackie meets with CAFF to fully understand their needs and assess current systems
  • Smith Mackie maps out how CAFF can benefit from tailored Salesforce solutions
  • Smith Mackie stack ranks desired improvements
  • Smith Mackie removes the clutter in CAFF’s system, build basic best practices, and then address major improvements specifically designed for CAFF
  • Smith Mackie performs a detailed data migration of all records and history from their previous application
  • Smith Mackie creates video tutorials so CAFF staff can easily learn the new system

the result

“Every CAFF team member can now access the same information from wherever they are located - from any office, at an event, at home, or on the go. CAFF now has a single central secure online platform with easy access to tens
of thousands of records with better quality data on each record. The new Salesforce application allows for multiple record types so that they can easily sort through records and reach out to different types of contacts and organizations.”
–Smith Mackie

“The Smith Mackie team is professional, quick to respond, very knowledgeable, eager to help. They did an amazing job, and were a pleasure to work with!”

The impact

The new Salesforce application allows for multiple record types so that CAFF can easily sort through records and reach out to different types of contacts and organizations. Smith Mackie designed and developed custom membership management, created custom reports that warn of expiring memberships and that provide a quick snapshot of inbound dollars, along with many other functions. The Smith Mackie team signed on to a Salesforce Training project with CAFF.

“We have recently finished the project, so the overall impacts are still growing. However, so far, we are able to manage our donors and members much more effectively, and track more data. Additionally, we have staff throughout the state, and they are being trained in using the system so they can access the information as well. Smith Mackie also did some research for us so that we can streamline other systems in the future (i.e. possibly integrating our online donation page with Salesforce).”
— Megan

“This project allowed us to do what we do best: customize Salesforce by bringing fresh eyes and attention to detail to an organization that needed help. Some of the great benefits of working with CAFF were their willingness to change and adapt to our suggestions, and their ability to clearly articulate their needs. Our regular phone conferences were a joy, and we feel great about what we’ve been able to accomplish for them as an organization. Our team is extremely energized by the outcome of the project and we’re already working a follow-up project with CAFF because we can’t get enough of them! We will definitely continue to contribute to Catchafire. This is exactly the avenue we were hoping to find and we’ve decided it’s much more rewarding to “do” rather than just donate!”
— Smith Mackie

Smith Mackie’s 60 hour project resulted in $10K saved for CAFF.

The Organization
CAFF advocates for California family farmers and sustainable agriculture and seeks to create locally-based economic vitality, as well as improved human and environmental health. As a membership organization with staff and volunteers in various locations throughout the state, CAFF is positioned to rapidly and effectively respond to emerging issues pertaining to sustainable agriculture and family farming.
The Volunteer
Smith Mackie is a team of Certified Administrators, Developers and Sales Cloud & Service Cloud Consultants. Their company is a Cloud Alliance Partner and has worked on numerous implementations and customizations for a wide range of companies. > “We chose to work with Catchafire because we felt that our annual charitable monetary donations were not making nearly as big of an impact as our business transformation services do. Catchafire enables us to give the gift of our expertise to improve the way organizations operate." - Smith Mackie