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Connect with talented professionals who are looking to donate their skills to organizations like yours.

Trusted by thousands of organizations, including:

Whether you need advice from an industry expert or pro bono support on a project that's beyond your skillset, Catchafire will match you with exactly the right professional to get it done.

1Post a Project

Seek advice on a specific challenge or choose from over 100 different types of customizable projects.

2Screen Candidates

Review applications, resumes and portfolios from candidates who want to donate their time and expertise to your organization.

3Make a Match

Select the right volunteer for your project and get started!

There are two ways to connect

1-Hour Phone Calls

Spend 1 hour on the phone with a volunteer expert to get answers to pressing questions, solve organizational challenges, or simply brainstorm.

1-Hour Phone Calls
Full-Length Projects

Get pro bono support on over 100 different types of well-scoped projects like marketing campaigns, brand messaging, website construction, and more.

Full-Length Projects

We make it easy

We scope the projects, find the right volunteers, and facilitate the pro bono engagements so you don't have to.

Work with Professionals

Our high-caliber volunteers span all disciplines and have worked for some of the most successful companies, including...

We've got tens of thousands of talented professionals who are passionate about working with social good organizations. Whether from Fortune 500s or startups, across the street or across the country, Catchafire volunteers have the skills and desire to make a difference.


Make Connections That Make a Difference

Our experience with Hanna was WONDERFUL! She completely captured the mission and values of the organization and delivered a lengthy marketing strategy with clear, concrete action steps. We could not have been happier with the end result of this project. Thank you, thank you!
Ryane M
Ryane M. Co-Founder

Connected In Hope Foundation

Working with Connected in Hope Foundation has been such a positive and fulfilling experience. In addition to the wonderful brand mission, the organization is run with such great integrity, passion and knowledge - and I look forward to continued volunteer work with this growing foundation.
Hannah T
Hannah T. Volunteer

Communications And Marketing Director

Need Help?

Our Nonprofit Advisors provide unwavering support from the initial job posting to the successful product completion. Membership includes 1-on-1 project planning assistance whenever you need it.


Unlimited access to passionate and skilled volunteers ready to support your work.

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$167 /mo

pre-paid annually or $199/mo billed monthly

  • Unlimited projects and ask an expert calls
  • Choose from 100+ pre-scoped project templates
  • No limit on completed projects
  • Easy interview scheduling system
  • Over-the-phone project planning support
  • Ongoing customer support

Frequently Asked Questions

How many projects can I complete in a year?

Organizations can complete an unlimited number of projects during the course of their membership.

Are there any additional costs to join Catchafire?

No, only the annual membership fee. Organizations can either choose to pay $2000 upfront for a one year membership ($167/month) or pay $199/month for 12 months.

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Catchafire is currently available to organizations registered in the US or sponsored by a US-based foundation.

What Others Say

Catchafire has made the process of recruiting highly skilled volunteers for specific projects very easy and convenient. Catchafire's structured interview and matching process has allowed us to confidently entrust our volunteers with major projects and receive a high-quality deliverable.
Conlan O'Rourke
Conlan O'Rourke Matched on 3 projects

Co-Founder Of Building Beats

I'm really impressed with the caliber of candidates Catchafire is able to attract and the commitment they feel to my organization. I've worked with volunteers before, and you can't get them to show up, or it's low on their priority list, but my Catchafire volunteers are as invested as getting the project done as I am.
Tricia Slavik
Tricia Slavik Matched on 11 projects

Founder Of @ WIT'S END