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Social Media Strategy Sessions

Help Northern Community Radio use their social media presence most effectively through brainstorming and planning sessions.
Northern Community Radio
Grand Rapids, MN, USA
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Northern Community Radio
Grand Rapids, MN, USA


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Posted December 3rd

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Social Media Strategy Sessions

Project Details

What We Need
  • 3-5 one hour strategy sessions with a social media professional covering topics like channels, messaging, content types, and posting frequency
  • A written summary of goals, target audiences and channels to prioritize
  • A starter plan of recommendations & actionable next steps to begin executing your strategy
  • Note: this project does not include the creation of social media posts or digital graphics
What We Have In Place
  • We have some presence on social media, but could be doing more to target different demographics. We can provide a complete list of social media platforms we are on and past campaigns we have tried.
How This Will Help
This project will save us $1,792 , allowing us to gain new listeners and be able to better support our community.

As a rural community radio station, we have a lot of competition for people's ears. And even though we have been here for 43 years, many people don't know exist. Developing a Social Media Strategy would help us to engage with a new audience and gain new listeners

Project Plan

Prep: Information Sharing & Goal Setting
  • Volunteer Manager outlines any current marketing activities and strategies
  • Volunteer Manager shares any existing marketing materials
  • Professional connects with the Volunteer Manager for a brainstorming/overview session, to discuss goals, target audiences, and existing activities/materials
  • Professional and Volunteer Manager outline next steps and timeline for the project
Milestone 1: Strategy Sessions
  • Up to 5 strategy sessions with Professional, marketing/communications team, and/or others involved in strategy & decision-making
  • [Suggested Session] On-boarding session to discuss goals, themes and core messaging
  • [Suggested Session] Assessing current state of any existing social media activities & strategies
  • [Suggested Session] Prioritizing social media channels and executional starting points
Milestone 2: Next Steps
  • Professional shares brief with summary of discussion, agreed upon social media strategies & tactics to prioritize, and areas for further exploration
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About The Org

Northern Community Radio
Our Mission

Northern Community Radio builds community in northern Minnesota through radio programming, cultural events and interactive media. Founded in 1976, we are the first rural public radio station in the nation.

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