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Help Caribbean American Cultural Arts Foundation by talking with someone from their team for 1-hour about effective strategies, tools or best practices for fundraising for their organization.
Caribbean American Cultural Arts Foundation
Atlanta, GA, USA
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Caribbean American Cultural Arts Foundation
Atlanta, GA, USA


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Posted August 31st

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What We'd Like To Talk About
Project topic

I'd like strategic advice on structuring the fundraising department for an organization that is in transition from a longtime founding ED and DD to a more collaborative approach.

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About The Org

Caribbean American Cultural Arts Foundation
Our Mission

The Caribbean American Cultural Arts Foundation is dedicated to cultural educational programming and disaster relief. Our continuous efforts to assist those in need in the Caribbean region and the United States include relief shipments and fundraising efforts. Our vision is to support people in need, who are often overlooked by their community. We focus on impacting the community through strategic efforts of long term support, yielding generational benefits and resources.

What We Do

Educational Programming
Disaster Relief and Preparedness
Collegiate Engagement
Career Placement
Diversity and Inclusion
International Affairs


Linda was a great asset to our organization planning and programming. She was direct and professional. He knowledge was extremely helpful.
Michael Thomas
Michael T.


Fundraising Phone Call

CEO Michael Thomas is leading his organization and looking to expand its fundraising. We had a good brainstorming session on the steps to creating a donor circle, connecting with donors and annual appeal messaging online. We also discussed engaging the board in fundraising and adding a development staff member.
Linda Frank, CFRE, CSPG
Linda F.

Charitable Giving Consultant and Coach

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