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Help Infinity Visual & Performing Arts by talking with someone from their team for 1-hour about effective strategies, tools or best practices for fundraising for their organization.
Infinity Visual & Performing Arts
Jamestown, NY, USA
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Infinity Visual & Performing Arts
Jamestown, NY, USA


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Posted September 17th

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help with creating new major gifts campaign/end of year appeal; new letters/methods of approach, sponsorship ideas, etc.

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About The Org

Infinity Visual & Performing Arts
Posted by
Ashley O.

Development Coordinator

Our Mission

Infinity Visual and Performing Arts, Inc. creates and sustains an environment in which young people, based solely on their desire to participate, can grow, learn and lead through active participation in the visual and performing arts.


This was my first Catchafire call. Myles was very helpful and gave me a lot of great ideas to consider. I very much appreciated his insight and perspective.
Ashley Ordines
Ashley O.

Development Coordinator

Fundraising Phone Call

Good first call. Discussed Board participation, special paver campaign and a bit on major gift work. Ashley is a talented and passionate advocate for IVPA.
Myles Weisenberg
Myles W.


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