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More Than a Bed
Tucson, AZ, USA
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More Than a Bed
Tucson, AZ, USA


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Posted November 3rd

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I'd like some help with finding a project/person who can assist with searching for donors for our biggest annual event.

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More Than a Bed
Posted by
Raechel L.

Marketing Manager

Our Mission

Provide essential items, to foster, kinship, and adoptive families for the children in their homes because every child deserves to be valued.

What We Do

We provide essential items such as beds, car seats, clothing, shoes, diapers, toys, and household goods to qualifying families at no charge. We also are a resource center and offer guidance to the families we serve based on the partnerships we have created within the community.

Throughout the year, we host multiple events for those we serve. Parents Night Out (PNO) is a wonderful evening where we provide respite to the families where we entertain the children for a couple of hours. Their parents often use this time to connect with other loved ones, take an uninterrupted nap, or enjoy a date night.

Our Annual Christmas Party is another great time for the kiddos. We coordinate, with the help of our generous donors, a couple of hours on a weekend where the kiddos can come and get a family portrait with Santa, eat some delicious food and pick out their own gift straight from the North Pole!

We sponsor an annual Golf Tournament in the spring, which is a fundraiser for us and a great time for our golfers.

We host Prom Night where the teens can pick out a new dress or suit and we assist with getting ready for their big night.

Lastly, we offer tutoring services to school-aged children in the Tucson area.


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