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Women's Medical Fund
Philadelphia, PA, USA
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Women's Medical Fund
Philadelphia, PA, USA


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Posted April 8th

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Organizational Strategy Call

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What We'd Like To Talk About
Project topic

I'd like advice on figuring out how best to complete a generative (vs. "one size fits all" model) strategic plan Where should we start?

Additional Context

Our last plan officially ended Dec 2019. Due to COVID, we opted to consolidate all staff's work plans into an Operational Plan for CY2020. We like the idea of engaging in a process that is more generative, where one piece informs the next (rather than one, large 3-year plan). I keep getting stuck on the order and wonder if I am overthinking it. Some things we know we want to consider are:
- Vision and Values
- Organizational Name Change and Rebrand
- Communication Strategy
- Employee Handbook (values-aligned)
- Board Manual (values-aligned)
- Staffing (i.e. should we go with a co-chair model? how do we achieve wage parity/equity)

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Women's Medical Fund
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Women's Medical Fund (WMF) protects and expands abortion access for people living in poverty now and always through direct service and community organizing.

We support folks struggling to get by who need access to abortion now by providing counseling and emergency financial assistance. We support people always through community organizing to lift the insurance bans and eradicate all other barriers.

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