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Justin A.

APA Family Support Services

T create healthy families by providing domestic violence and child abuse prevention services. We do this not only through case management but also through services at our family resource centers.

What did Justin need?

I'd like some help developing a strategy to increase community involvement, membership, and coordination effectiveness of an health task force within my non-profit public health program

It was a wonderful experience speaking with Justin at APA Family Support Services. He sent me some excellent background information that helped us be more productive with our time together. He asked great questions, and gave thoughtful and thorough answers to mine. His passion for his work was ob...
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Lin W.


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Jan 24, 2020


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Lin W.


I have been a leader, manager and service provider in the behavioral health/addictions, public health, and non-profit fields for over 25 years. I am a graduate of the Regional Institute of Health and Environmental Leadership's Advanced Leadership Training Program and a Licensed Professional Couns...
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What did Lin have to offer?

I have led the development and implementation of strategy and engagement for the Mental Health and Substance Use Alliance of Larimer County, a group of local leaders and consumer advocates that have been working together to make lasting improvements in mental health and addiction care since 1999. I have been able to advise around strategies to engage our members as well as ways to ensure effective group processes that involve and engage all voices and result in effective planning, decision-making and successful outcomes of our work. I have also served on the management team for a public health organization.

Lin exceeded expectations on so many levels! She provided much-needed insight and problem solving strategies that were related to the community initiative that i'm working towards. Her experience with non-profit projects and community relation building were invaluable and made our one-on-one call...
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Justin A.

Volunteer Manager

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