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Google AdWords Set Up

Help New Destiny Housing Corp. make the most of a Google Ad Grant by setting up Google AdWords to drive traffic to their website.
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Project Details

What We Need
  • Setup of Google AdWords ads
  • Training for staff on how to monitor performance and update Google AdWords ads going forward
  • Optional: Set up integration between Google AdWords and Google Analytics
Additional Details

We are approved for Google for Nonprofits and have an ad words campaign created. We are looking for someone who can set-up the ad words account and show us how to monitor it and make changes when needed.

What We Have In Place
  • We currently have a google adwords campaign created, which should make it easy for you to get started. We also have staff to assist you, and the ability to provide any other information you need.
How This Will Help
This project will save us $3,486 , allowing us to support our programs and services.

We are hoping to grow donations from individuals, and important source of unrestricted income; as well as expand our Junior Council membership.

Project Plan

Prep: Discuss AdWords Goals & Strategy
  • Professional and Volunteer Manager discuss goals and target audiences for search engine marketing efforts
  • Volunteer Manager shares AdWords credentials with Professional, as well as past marketing materials and style guide to use for ad content creation
Milestone 1: Organize Account & Choose Landing Pages
  • Professional establishes Google AdWords campaigns based on target audiences (e.g., donors vs. beneficiaries) and ad groups within each campaign
  • Volunteer Manager and Professional choose landing pages for each ad group
  • Professional trains Volunteer Manager on how to establish/modify campaigns and ad groups going forward
Milestone 2: Establish Keywords
  • Volunteer Manager and Professional use Keyword Planner to pick keywords for each ad group
  • Professional trains Volunteer Manager on how to monitor performance and update keywords & keyword match types
Milestone 3: Write Ads
  • Professional writes copy for ads (one for each ad group, if applicable)
  • Volunteer Manager provides feedback on ad copy, which Professional incorporates
Milestone 4: Reporting
  • Professional trains Volunteer Manager on how to monitor the AdWords portal for ongoing reporting
  • (Optional) If Organization already has Google Analytics tracking codes on website, Professional integrates Google AdWords with Google Analytics to help Volunteer Manager understand the behavior of users who click on their ads
  • (Optional) Professional trains Volunteer Manager on how to monitor website activity from Google Adwords ads on Google Analytics
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About The Org

Posted by
Diane A.

Director of Development and Communications

Our Mission

New Destiny Housing Corporation is New York City's only nonprofit focused on the permanent housing needs of low-income domestic violence victims. We create long-term safety and stability for low-income families and individuals at risk of domestic violence and homelessness through service-enriched housing, programs that empower clients to obtain and retain housing and education about the housing needs of this population.

What We Do

Since our launch as an independent organization in 1994, New Destiny has developed 15 residential projects in four boroughs, creating 305 permanent and transitional units. Eleven are affordable rental projects with on-site services. More than 50% of the units are set aside for domestic violence survivors coming from a New York City domestic violence shelter.

Our Family Support Program is the cornerstone of New Destiny’s permanent affordable housing, helping previously homeless low-income survivors of domestic violence, primarily single mothers of color with one or two children. Tailored to the needs of domestic violence survivors, New Destiny’s trauma-informed service model helps tenants to remain stably housed, promotes family unity, builds community and fosters self-sufficiency. The program offers a wide range of services to more than 430 adults and children. With support from on-site staff, residents make tangible improvement to their lives such as completing their education or securing better employment.

HousingLink is an innovative homelessness prevention program that is offered at New York City Family Justice Centers (FJCs) in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx. HousingLink connects domestic violence survivors who are clients at the FJCs, which serve thousands of survivors each year, to affordable apartments in existing buildings. By preventing a shelter stay, HousingLink helps survivors and their children to avoid the trauma and disruption resulting from
homelessness. HousingLink conducts workshops for both survivors and advocates on housing options and rental subsidies; provides one-on-one assistance to address barriers to housing; helps individuals prepare strong rental applications; and offers aftercare support to foster housing stability. In just three years, HousingLink has connected 51 families to high-quality, affordable housing and has served over 300 domestic violence survivors.

With over 140,000 visitors annually, our online Housing Resource Center is the “go to” resource for individuals and advocates, providing up-to-date information on a range of topics including finding affordable housing in New York City.

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