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The Innocent Convicts
Boston, MA, USA
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The Innocent Convicts
Boston, MA, USA


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Posted October 22nd

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I'd like strategic advice on creating an overall fundraising strategy and plan for our small nonprofit. We need help increase our fundraising and donor base, engage our sponsors and expanding network

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About The Org

The Innocent Convicts
Our Mission

The mission of The Innocent Convicts is to bring attention to the plight of victims of wrongful imprisonment, and call for the unconditional release of all innocent defendants.


It was great to connect with Cesar and discuss our fundraising goals! Cesar is an expert with vast experience navigating the world of philanthropy. Cesar's engaging story and commitment to connecting Causes with resources is outstanding! Through his wealth of experience and professional guidance, we will be able to surmount the challenges in achieving our fundraising goals, and enabling us to devote more time and attention on other important areas of our work. Looking forward to working together and would certainly recommend Cesar!!
Osagie O.


Fundraising Phone Call

Osagie is doing really incredible work in spotlighting the plight and injustice of wrongly accused and wrongly incarcerated and convicted individuals. It was a privilege to be able to connect, to learn more around the developmental stage of The Innocent Convicts, and brainstorm ideas on how to engage philanthropic dollars through a targeted approach, as well as engage individual donors through a fundraising campaign, especially with Giving Tuesday right around the corner. Osagie is a truly inspiring leader, and I would recommend anyone willing and able to support the amazing work of this organization to please do so.
Cesar Del Valle
Cesar D.

Director of Strategic Partnerships

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