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Benefits In Action
Denver, CO, USA
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Benefits In Action
Denver, CO, USA


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Posted October 28th

Fundraising Call

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I'd like to brainstorm ideas for our year end appeal and Colorado Gives Day.

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About The Org

Benefits In Action
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Ginny K.

Volunteer Manager

Our Mission

Benefits in Action is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting the community with a focus on the elderly and underserved, to improve their understanding, access, and utilization of food- and health-related benefits to enhance food security, health, and well-being.

What We Do

Benefits in Action is a nonprofit organization located in Lakewood, Colorado that serves individuals throughout the state. We strive to increase understanding, access, and utilization of healthcare and food security resources. Our team of navigators works with constituents to help them recognize the health- and food-related benefits they qualify for, apply for those benefits, and utilize them as effectively as possible. We are passionate about increasing healthcare benefit literacy and food security throughout our community. We serve:
* Those who are hungry and need access to food resources - whether it's SNAP navigation and application assistance, or finding open food banks and pantries
* Those who want to access health care and need help navigating services and applying for benefits
* Those who need help navigating and/or applying for Medicaid and Medicare benefits - whether you are new to the program or are experiencing issues with using your current benefits
* Those who are in their homes and need assistance paying for heat
* Those who just need someone to talk to