Search Engine Optimization Audit

Help The Word assess the website's current SEO and gain actionable steps to increase traffic to their website via organic search.
The Word
Denver, CO, USA
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The Word
Denver, CO, USA


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Posted May 24th

Search Engine Optimization Audit

Project Details

What We Need
  • Analysis of website’s on-page content, technical structure, and presence of inbound links on other websites for search engine optimization
  • Actionable steps to improve website’s performance in search engines via organic search
Additional Details

We need help managing/creating SEO for our site which is a WIX website.
We'd like for someone to help us with the SEO and advanced SEO aspect of the site.
(It would be best if someone could screenshare and walk me through what should be in those SEO boxes or provide a template code that can be used.)
PLEASE NOTE: site is a WIX site

What We Have In Place
  • We have a WIX website:

    We want people to be able to find us if they're interested in our programming or organization.
How This Will Help
This project will save us $5,767 , allowing us to fund programming that helps support writers and publishing industry hopefuls from the margins.

We want writers and publishing industry hopefuls from marginalized backgrounds to be able to find our community, programs, resources, and organization.

Project Plan

Prep: Planning
  • Volunteer Manager outlines any existing SEO activities or strategies, target audience for engagement and existing channels for website traffic
  • Volunteer Manager shares admin credentials with Professional necessary to complete audit
Milestone 1: Site Content Audit
  • Professional assesses on-site elements including URL structures, navigation, internal links, use of keywords and general copy
  • Professional creates list of every page in a spreadsheet with notes and recommendations for improvement
Milestone 2: Technical Audit
  • Professional assesses technical site elements that affect crawlability like sitemap, use of HTTPS, HTML structure, site speed, and presence of 404 or server errors
  • Professional provides recommendations to improve search engine indexing
Milestone 3: Off-Site Link Audit
  • Professional uses a free tool (like Moz ) to assess presence and state of backlinks and anchor text
  • Professional provides recommendations to improve domain and page authority
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About The Org

The Word
Our Mission

The Word | A Storytelling Sanctuary fights for cultural equity through the literary arts. Our mission is: To promote voices from underserved communities and diverse backgrounds, to honor the stories of those who have faced adversity and injustice, and to provide a sanctuary space where these groups will see themselves in literature.

What We Do

We provide support for and build community among writers and publishing professionals from marginalized backgrounds. Our programs include, among others: The Editor-Writer Mentorship, connecting upcoming diverse writers with experienced editors; the BIPOC Bookseller Award, celebrating innovative and engaged BIPOC booksellers; and the [margins.] conference, a space where writers from an intersection of marginalized backgrounds gather in community and engage in workshops and discussions to support healthy writing careers.

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